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Ocean Acidification

One of the several serious threats to our seafood industry and (and therefore the coastal economy) is ocean acidification.  Two of my friends and colleagues in the Legislature have been working hard to find solutions.  Rep. Mick Devin of Newcastle has been especially passionate about this and brings a deep background in ocean science to the task.   Mick and Sen. Chris Johnson of Somerville (both served with me on the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources) have served on a 16-member Commission looking for solutions, and their recommendations are being finalized.

The commission’s recommendations offer a comprehensive approach that fall under six goals: (1) invest in Maine’s ability to monitor and investigate the effects of ocean acidification; (2) reduce emissions of carbon dioxide; (3) reduce local land-based nutrients and organic carbon contributions to acidification; (4) increase Maine’s capacity to mitigate, remediate and adapt to the impacts of ocean acidification; (5) educate and engage stakeholders, decision-makers and the public and empower them to take action; and (6) maintain a sustainable and coordinated focus on ocean acidification.

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