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Green crab survey

Those with an interest in local shellfish issues to be sure to participate in a survey being conducted by the University of Maine in conjunction with the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

In order for the Maine Green Crab Taskforce to fully understand and effectively address the growing threat of invasive European green crabs to Maine fisheries and aquaculture, we are conducting a targeted mail survey of individual harvesters and growers throughout coastal Maine. To reach as many individuals as possible, this survey will be administered through the Lobster Zone Councils, the Maine Aquaculture Association, the Municipal Shellfish Committees, and the DMR Advisory Councils including the Shellfish Advisory Council. Your response is crucial to providing the necessary assessment of this issue and will aid the Taskforce in making sound recommendations to the Governor in the upcoming months.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the occurrence and recent impacts of growing European green crab (Carcinus maenas) populations in Maine. We would like to determine 1) how many harvesters and growers currently encounter green crabs, 2) whether harvesters and growers have observed changes in local populations over the last several years, and 3) whether there are ongoing impacts to marine resources that the taskforce should be aware of. Additionally, your unique assessment of experiences with green crabs will provide beneficial information that will aid the taskforce in developing solutions to this important problem.

To provide your response, please complete and return the following survey by August 22nd, 2014. All surveys can either be returned via email ( or by mail to the address listed below.

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