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I am sincerely honored to serve in the 124th Maine Legislature.
My first visit as Representative-Elect was in mid-November, and as I came over the hill approaching the river and saw that view of the Dome – a view I’ve enjoyed thousands of times – I must say it felt a bit different on that day.
We’ve had just five days at the State House since the election. The swearing-in ceremony was moving, exciting, and bursting with tradition and family pride. No sign of the partisan battling and draconian budget cutting likely to come in the New Year.
I truly want “responsive representation” to be more than a slogan. But what does it mean? Communication, for starters. And communication is a two-way street. I take that to mean that I need to know your concerns and issues that enter the realm of state government, and keep you as informed as you would like to be on the activities of the Legislature.
So consider this an invitation to contact me with your thoughts and concerns. If you would like to receive periodic updates from me by e-mail, let me know your address. I will of course respect your privacy.
It’s no big secret that the budget situation is the great challenge, but I believe there are several exciting opportunities as well. In the areas of energy, government reform, green technology, composites, and industrial conversion, Maine could be at the very forefront of innovation.
One thing that I find amusing is the plethora of acronyms throughout government. One to keep your eye on is OPEGA, which stands for Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability. Good idea, correct? Would it surprise you to hear that it was a political football in the last session? Send me your ideas for what you think is waste or lack of efficiency in State Government. I’ll OPEGA it for you.
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a New Year that defies the odds. I hope to hear from you.


— Chuck

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  1. Craig Goodrow said

    Chuck, Very best wishes. Do well!

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