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New study addresses affordable housing for seniors

Speaker of the Maine House Mark Eves has been working tirelessly on several important issues, including the need in Maine for seniors being able to stay safely and comfortably in their homes as long as possible. Link here:

Nice work, Mr. Speaker!

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Unclaimed property

The Maine Treasurer’s office holds more than $200 million in unclaimed property (financial property such as uncashed checks and forgotten bank accounts–not real estate or automobiles).  Some of this money may belong to you or someone you know and I want to help you get it back.  In your free time, take a few moments to search your name at and, if you find your name, file a claim.  Encourage your friends and relatives to do the same.  Check back often as they add new properties regularly. 

You’re welcome!

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August revenue

The August 2014 issue of the Fiscal News is now available on the Office of Fiscal and Program Review’s web page through the following link:

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July revenue report

The Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services’ monthly revenue report consisting of the Commissioner’s memo, revenue tables and taxable sales data is now available at the Office of the State Controller’s web page at

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Green crab survey

Those with an interest in local shellfish issues to be sure to participate in a survey being conducted by the University of Maine in conjunction with the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

In order for the Maine Green Crab Taskforce to fully understand and effectively address the growing threat of invasive European green crabs to Maine fisheries and aquaculture, we are conducting a targeted mail survey of individual harvesters and growers throughout coastal Maine. To reach as many individuals as possible, this survey will be administered through the Lobster Zone Councils, the Maine Aquaculture Association, the Municipal Shellfish Committees, and the DMR Advisory Councils including the Shellfish Advisory Council. Your response is crucial to providing the necessary assessment of this issue and will aid the Taskforce in making sound recommendations to the Governor in the upcoming months.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the occurrence and recent impacts of growing European green crab (Carcinus maenas) populations in Maine. We would like to determine 1) how many harvesters and growers currently encounter green crabs, 2) whether harvesters and growers have observed changes in local populations over the last several years, and 3) whether there are ongoing impacts to marine resources that the taskforce should be aware of. Additionally, your unique assessment of experiences with green crabs will provide beneficial information that will aid the taskforce in developing solutions to this important problem.

To provide your response, please complete and return the following survey by August 22nd, 2014. All surveys can either be returned via email ( or by mail to the address listed below.

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Today, Maine State Treasurer Neria Douglass announced that voter-approved projects funded by the successful general obligation bond sale in late June are listed on the Maine Treasury web site.  A brief description of each project, together with the responsible agency, legal authorization and total amount of funds to be transferred is available. The web address is .

“I am very proud that we were able to secure $127 million for a long list of projects that will improve our economy and the quality of life in Maine. We received millions more from the sale than first anticipated as a result of our determination to achieve the best price possible within our existing budget,” said Treasurer Douglass.  “These voter-approved projects are important to Maine’s economy, including jobs and infrastructure. I’m pleased we have already put the money to work throughout the state.  Our work provided funds for projects delayed from 2009, and even funded projects approved in November 2013 that were not yet budgeted. ” Bonds for tax-exempt projects sold to Raymond James at a true interest cost of 2.03%, while bonds for taxable projects sold to JP Morgan Chase at a rate of 0.96%. Priced by competitive sale, the transaction netted $127 million at closing on June 24. Funds were transferred to project accounts as listed shortly after. 

Contact:           Neria Douglass, State Treasurer                   

Kristi Carlow, Deputy State Treasurer   207- 624-7477

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Student hunger

The Task Force to End Student Hunger, established by Resolve 2013, chapter 107 (­ will hold its first meeting on Monday, July 7, 2014 from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm in Room 209 of the Cross Office Building.  Public is welcome.

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June 2014 Fiscal News

The June 2014 issue of the Fiscal News is now available on the Office of Fiscal and Program Review’s web page through the following link:

This month’s issue includes the usual revenue, cash and MaineCare updates.  The revenue updates include rough estimates of the year-end revenue surplus based on preliminary June data.

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State retirees and cost-of-living increases for 2014

During the 125th Legislature, a three-year freeze on cost-of-living adjustments for retired state, judicial and legislative employees and teachers was put into effect as part of a package of changes to the state pension program. That freeze has expired and eligible retirees will see a COLA increase this September if the Consumer Price index for Urban Consumers is positive at the end of June. COLA increases take place each September if the CPI-U is positive at the end of each preceding June.

The increase to the retirement benefit would be permanent. The maximum possible COLA benefit is 3 percent of the first $20,000 of annual retirement benefits.   

This is also the final year for the annual lump sum non-cumulative COLAs the Legislature approved for each of the years the regular COLA was frozen. The annual lump sum non-cumulative COLA is contingent on the availability of sufficient undedicated revenue at the end of each fiscal year.

It’s expected that funds will be available for the annual lump sum non-cumulative COLA this year, as they have been in the previous two years. The annual lump sum non-cumulative COLA would be based on the June 30, 2013 CPI-U of 1.8 percent. It would be paid to retirees who would have been eligible for the regular COLA in 2013.

The annual benefit on which the lump sum non-cumulative COLA would be calculated is increasing from $20,000 to $30,000 this year, thanks to a law passed by the 126th Legislature. The maximum payment would be 1.8 percent, or $540. This final lump sum non-cumulative COLA would be made in addition to the regular COLA that resumes in September.

The Maine Public Employees Retirement System has more information.

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May revenue

The monthly revenue report for May has been posted to the link below.   The report consists of the Commissioner’s memo, revenue tables and the taxable sales summary in separate links on the web page below.

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