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Ocean acidification MUST be addressed

A number of studies have been done in the Gulf of Maine. They focus on acidification, however, part of that, in particular in coastal shellfish areas, is attributed to local run off

see summary:

In addition to atmospheric CO2, there are two other drivers of inshore acidification potentially very important to Maine’s marine resources: freshwater runoff and nutrient loading from onshore sources.

1. Freshwater runoff is typically more acidic than seawater. Two of the most concerning impacts of climate change affecting ocean acidification in the Northeastern United States are greater annual precipitation and more frequent extreme precipitation events. Adding to the difficult task of understanding how Maine’s marine environment is acidifying, the dominant source of freshwater to the larger Gulf of Maine comes from watersheds and melting ice to the north entering from the Scotian Shelf.

2. Organic matter entering Maine’s coastal waters can also increase acidity. For example, large phytoplankton blooms resulting from the addition of excess nutrients eventually decompose and release CO2.

Gina Snyder    EPA – New England Assistance and Pollution Prevention

(617) 918-1837

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Fortunately, there is a great team working on this issue led by my colleagues, Rep. Mick Devin and Sen. Chris Johnson. Details  here.

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Sept. Revenue Report

The Revenue Report for the month of September has now been posted to the web.  This includes a combined chart report of revenues along with the memo and taxable sales.

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DAV Services in Rockland 10/8

          Mobile Service Office
Will be in the parking lot outside the
Rockland CareerCenter
91 Camden St., 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8
DAV’s Mobile Service Office program brings benefit
and services education to veterans and their
families where they live. Aided by Department and
Chapter Service Officers, Mobile Service Offices
travel to communities across the country, to
counsel and assist veterans to develop, file and win
claims for benefits administered under federal,
state and local laws.

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NOTICE to those who drive through downtown Thomaston

Beginning on Monday, October 5th there will be NO PARKING on
Main Street in front of the business block or in front of Watts Hall and
the Knox Hotel Apartments while the Maine Water Company replaces
the water line. This will continue for up to two weeks. Plenty of parking
will be available behind the stores.
The replacement of the water main on Main Street is in its final
stage. The new line has been installed from Fish Street to Beechwood
and from Water Tower Road to the east end of the Mall. Now the two
sections must be connected together. To do this the contractor will
start at Beechwood Street and work toward the Mall. Traffic may be
reduced to one lane causing some slow movement through the center
of town. Please use an alternative route if possible

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July Revenue Report

The Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services has released the July revenue report of General Fund and Highway Fund revenue.  The report, which consists of the Commissioner’s letter, the revenue tables and taxable sales data, is available through the link below.

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Digest of bill summaries

The Legislative Digest of Bill Summaries and Enacted Laws for the First Regular Session of the 127th Legislature is complete and is now available on the website of the Legislature’s Office of Policy and Legal Analysis:

The Digest includes summaries of all bills considered, all committee amendments, as well as adopted floor amendments, and all laws enacted or finally passed during the First Regular Session of the 127th Legislature.  The Digest is posted in the form of separate searchable pdf files by each individual committee as well as non-searchable pdfs of the entire two-volume publication;  session statistics, including statistics for each individual committee, are also posted.

Happy summer!

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Revenue Forecasting

The May 2015 Revenue Forecasting Committee Report has been posted and is now available.  See Transmittal Letter.

Link to the May 2015 Report

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March Revenue

The Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services has released the March revenue report of General Fund and Highway Fund revenue.  The report, which consists of the Commissioner’s letter, the revenue tables and the taxable sales data, is available through the link below.

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Measures of Growth

The new report, “Measures of Growth 2015” has just been published by the Maine Growth Council under the auspices of the Maine Development Foundation (MDF).

This report is widely regarded as the most important report produced on Maine’s economy. It has been used by public and private leaders to set agendas and develop programs that serve to promote sustainable economic growth in Maine.

The report includes performance indicators that measure Maine’s progress toward achieving a vision:  “a high quality of life for all Maine people, grounded in a vibrant and sustainable economy supported by vital communities and a healthy environment.”

The Growth Council was established by the Governor and Legislature in 1993 to report annually on the health of the Maine economy.  Council members are appointed jointly by the Governor, Senate President, and Speaker of the House.  MDF administers the Council.

The report is available in its entirety for viewing and download on MDF’s website at

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Watershed students

It was really great to see a group of students from the Watershed School visit the State House during legislative session recently.  They asked smart questions and showed genuine interest in several issues including energy, climate, education, and infrastructure.

I hope they stay engaged!  Story here.

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